Our ExpatLifeCare Term Insurance Policies are available as annually renewable policies for a period of 1 year up to 5 years.

They are designed to provide continuous coverage for a person until normal retirement age or until the end of your required period of cover – whichever is sooner.

We can provide clients of any nationality with addresses in the EU and certain other countries and we have rates for smokers and non-smokers.

The policy will generally provide for a lump sum settlement to dependants (or a beneficiary of your choice) of the life assured (generally the primary breadwinner) in the event of death. It can also provide a settlement to you in the event that you were to suffer a permanent or total disability.

The policy is designed to cover a wide variety of occupations, locations and circumstances. Coverage can be for any amount between US $50,000 up to US $15 million, depending on your individual requirements. This plan is also available in Sterling and Euros.

If you are interested in ExpatLifeCare international term life cover, please contact us via info@morgan-price.com and we will send you the necessary forms to obtain a no obligation quotation.